Campaign Overview 

The Campaign is essentially the story mode of the game and available from the very start. The campaign is divided into three different modes: General, Elite and Legendary. Each campaign has 50 levels and each level has 5 stages. For every 2 levels you have as a commander, 1 level of the campaign becomes available.

Campaign Map

The Campaign is essentially the story mode of the game. In the Campaign, you complete chapters which each contain 5 stages. A new chapter becomes available for every 2 levels your commander gains. The campaign has 3 different modes (General, Elite, Legendary). Each has 50 chapters and after completing all chapters, you will unlock the next mode.

If your commander reaches level 100, you can complete the first mode of the campaign and advance to the Elite map. The higher the level of the campaign, the greater the rewards.

You are automatically stacking up auto-battle rewards. These rewards include experience for your commander (purple) and for your clones (blue). Rewards can be stacked up for no more then 8 hours. You can accelerate auto battles depending on your VIP level. Each acceleration gives you two hour of rewards and costs 50 diamonds.

Auto battles can reward you with hero fragments. A complete list of all fragments is listed below. Completing certain stages will give you special rewards:

Stage Rewards

Stage General Elite Legend
5 30x Tunitrus Benjamin fragments (Blue)
10 3x Advanced Blueprint
15 Barbarian Mask
20 Barbarian Spear
25 30x Transgenic Enzyme
30 Speed Chip
35 6x Purple Crystal
40 Cowboy Revolver
45 50x Purple Fragments
50 Cowboy Hat

Index of Clone Fragments on the Campaign Map

This is a list of all clone fragments to be found in the Campaign maps:

Stage General Elite Legendary
1 repairman (green) E.Turing Ra Elementalist
2 Diver (green) Steam Man King Arthur
3 Policeman (green) Iori Female King of Oil
4 Cowboy (green) Archimedes Maurya Emperor
5 Sniper (green) Lucky Charlie Jack
6 Tank (green) Ra Elementalist (Purple) Fort (Purple)
7 Secret Agent (green) King Arthur Spartacus
8 Tesla Trooper Lee Iori Female
9 Dreamer Martin Shogun I Uncrowned Queen
10 Alchemist Jack Terrible Laden
11 Blackbeard Dreamer Martin E.Turing
12 Marco Little Dipper (Purple) Cleopatra (Purple)
13 Louise XXIV TutanAmon Middle Class Hero
15 W.Wallace Terrible Laden Terrible Ivan
16 The Unknow Actor Dreamlover Silent Star
17 Fort Aung San Suki Louise XXIV
18 Bear Hunter King of Oil (Purple) July.Caesar (Purple)
19 Mr. MS Uncrowned Queen NOBUNAGA
20 PFK King of the Huns Bloody Nero
21 Dr. Time Bright Wizard Dugout Doug
22 Terrible Laden Flying Man Master Blaster
23 Joan Czarina Alchemist
24 King of the Huns Shinzo (Purple) Alexander
25 Clonebus W.Wallace Joan
26 Master Blaster Tesla Trooper Bell IV
27 Shinzo Che Steam Man
28 Ra Elementalist The Unknow Actor Bear Hunter
29 Cannibal Mr. MS Blackbeard
30 Silent Star Joan (Purple) Fat.Chill (Purple)
31 Tunitrus Benjamin Bell IV [[]]
32 [[]] Louise XXIV Che
33 Corsican Monster King of Oil Lee
34 Mahatmna Master Kung Mr. MS
35 King of Oil Desert Fox King of the Huns
36 Che Catholic Hero (Purple) Rock God (Purple)
37 Spartacus PFK Gali.Gary
38 Mulan Alchemist Great Peter
39 [[]] Maurya Emperor Clonebus
40 Dugout Doug Blessed Teresa Mahatmna
41 [[]] Dr. Time Fort
42 Bloody Mary Cleopatra PFK (Purple)
43 Gali.Gary Marco The Unknow Actor
44 Maurya Emperor Blackbeard Shinzo
45 Middle Class Hero Bloody Nero Canibal
46 Terrible Ivan Fort Tunitrus Benjamin
47 Blessed Teresas Master Blaster Aung San Suki
48 Great Peter (Purple) Honest Abe (Purple) Poet William (Purple)
49 D.Vinxi (Purple) Empress Wu Uncle Joe (Purple)
50 Peace Man (Purple) Elizabeth (Purple) Mahatma (Purple)
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